We are proud to say that through our staffs passion for education new services are constantly being added please call for more detailed info on our facial and massage services.


Signature Massage (60 min. $75 / 90 min. $100)


You are a unique person. You may have distinct likes and dislikes, hold tension in different ways, or respond better to specific techniques.

We offer a massage that is designed especially for you that will focus on your individual needs and areas of tension. We incorporate a blend of body work techniques and aromatherapy into a classic full body Swedish massage that will help you relax and unwind. Your massage may include techniques from various modalities such as deep muscle work, trigger point release, warm and cool stones, and reflexology.


Seated Massage (15 min. $20)


Are you limited for time or uncomfortable receiving a full body massage?

Perhaps a Seated Massage is the right thing for you. Seated massages are performed with a chair specifically designed to allow you to relax while we work on releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, back, and even your head, arms, hands, hips, legs, and feet. You are fully clothed during a chair massage so it may be much easier to fit into your busy schedule as an individual service or as an add on to another salon service.


Reflexology (30 min. $50 / 60 min. $80)

Reflexology is the use of thumb and finger pressure to stimulate reflex areas that correspond to various parts of the body, including major organs. This is a relaxing way to induce a state of balance and wellbeing.


Stone Massage (75min $120)

What could be better than a relaxing massage? A soothing warm stone massage!

A stone massage follows Swedish massage principles with the addition of smooth warm stones gliding over your skin to encourage a deeper relaxation of the mind and body.

The warm stones can be used as an extension of the therapist’s hands or placed on the body to warm the muscles. We may also incorporate cool stones upon request. This allows for various levels of pressure to help release contracted muscle tissue, increase circulation, and to enhance the feeling of peace.


Salt Glow (60 min $90)

The water of the Dead Sea is rich in minerals, many of which are found in no other ocean or sea around the world. You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to experience the real therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea.

We now offer a Dead Sea Salt Glow combined with an aromatherapy blend created just for you!

This skin treatment which includes a 30 minute massage will leave your entire body glowing and refreshed.


Seaweed Wrap (60 min $90)

Detoxify and restore your skins firmness, reducing the appearance of cellulite, with our warm stimulating seaweed wrap.

While cocooned in a warm wrap you will receive relaxing face and foot massages followed by warm towels and gentle rehydration.


Botanical Mud Wrap (60 min $90)

Natural minerals and trace elements hydrate and gently exfoliate dull skin and leave skin firm and refined.

Enjoy face and feet massages and remineralize your skin while a warm cocoon surrounds you and rids your body of toxins.


Lush Body Special (90 min $130)

Treat your body to this lush treatment that will leave you feeling completely invigorated.

Begin with an oil-infused body scrub to remove dead skin revealing softer healthier skin. Then your body will be nourished with the application of a warm detoxifying botanical mud mixture. The finish will be a full body rehydration.


Candle Wax Massage (60 min. $90 / 90 min. $120)

Signature Massage with specially formulated aromatherapy wax that melts at a very low temperature (2 degrees above normal body temperature). As the candle burns the melted “wax” becomes the perfect massage oil which is slowly dripped onto your body. This creates a truly unique sensation which will leave you in a state of warm relaxation.


Lomi Lomi (60 min. $90 / 90 min. $120)


Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiiaan word for massage, is a unique form of body work which uses long rhythmic movements of the therapist’s forearms lulling you into a deep meditative state.  These long flowing strokes enable the entire body to relax and the mind to travel to a blissful place.